Using iTutor online classroom is straightforward. You select a meeting room, enter your assigned name and password and click "Join"


You will be guided to the meeting room. Moving cursor over different tool icons, system will show functions of each icon. Green check marks indicate that option is turned on. You can click an icon to switch that function on/off.

screen For a teacher to share his / her computer screen to students. That's the typical way to conduct online classes.

audioTurn on computer audio. That's for students to hear teachers' voice real-time.

cameraComputer video camera. Turn on this will show your computer carema captured real-time video to all.

micComputer Mic. Teachs typically turn on this function to share his / her real-time voice to students.

messageTo send messages in the left message box to all (or selected people using Chat "Options" on top)

exitEnd the class and exit iTutor online classroom.

Below is an example view of a student attending "Music Theory" online class.